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10 – 13.4.2018, Costa Salguero Center

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19.04.2016 Emitex, Simatex y Confemaq: Final report

The national textile and apparel industry showed all its potential at Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq

Visitors and exhibitors highlighted the importance of the event for the region

This edition, the first to be organized by Messe Frankfurt Argentina, achieved its goal of gathering all the value chain of an industry that seeks to strengthen and expand

The Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq exhibitions stand out as the sole events that bring together the suppliers of the textile and apparel industry in Argentina.

The show featured 162 national exhibiting companies and 67 foreign co-exhibitors from Germany, Brazil, China, South Korea, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Peru, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Taiwan, yielding a total of 229 companies representative of these industry.

The firms displayed their products and innovations to 9937 local and foreign visitors, who came from diverse parts of the world: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Korea, Ecuador, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Senegal, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay and Uzbekistan.

The numbers illustrate the industry's capacity for development, which according to data from the Pro Tejer Foundation provides 450,000 jobs in a U$3,500 million market.

While activity decreased last year, there are positive trends such as the increase in apparel online sales (81.7% compared to 2014, with sales of $2,743 million)[1] and the emergence of economically sustainable micro-business with good growth perspective (such as artist's design, which increased by 17% from 2012 to 2014 reaching a $728 million turnover) [2].

[1]Data from the Argentina Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE)
[2]According to a study by the Observatory of Trends from the National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI) and the Pro Tejer Foundation.

A scenario of expectations
The authorities and industry representatives highlighted the above factors during the opening ceremony. Engineer Jorge Sorabilla, President of the Pro Tejer Foundation, said: "The exhibition shows the industry's entire value chain and its capacity for offering quality design and national brands. We look forward to working closely with our new government to bring the industry to its full potential; this field, with all its diversity, has a lot to offer to the country."

In the same vein Mr. Luis Tendlarz, President of the Federation of Argentine Textile Industries (FITA) said that the industry "has strengthened and is ready to expand to international markets".

The last speaker was Mr. Fernando Gorbarán, President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina, who thanked the effort and support provided by the government agencies and organizations that took part in the exhibition. Mr. Gorbarán stressed the importance of events like this because "the creative and innovative potential of the entire value chain has a direct impact on the national economy; in the last 10 years we experienced a growth rate of more than 70%," he said. In addition, Mr. Gorbarán announced that with these exhibitions Buenos Aires joins the Texpertise Network, which brings together the world's leading trade shows in Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Atlanta, New Delhi, Bombay, Berlin, Dubai and Istanbul.

Among the participants of the ribbon cutting ceremony were Mr. Michael Jänecke, Director Brand Management Technical Textiles & Textile Processing at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH; Ms. Nadina Sansolini, Vice President and CFO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina; Ms. Andrea Lippi, Manager of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq; Mr. Hugo Rode, Vice President of the National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI); Ms. Victoria Morales Gorleri, Undersecretary of Social Responsibility from the National Ministry of Social Development; Ms. Rosana Zerillo, General Coordinator of ArgenPYMEX; Mr. Victor Martins, Head of Commercial Promotion of the Brazilian Embassy; among other representatives of the public and private sector.

Technology as protagonist
As in any economic activity, the introduction of new technologies brings profound transformations to the textile and clothing industries. For this reason, the organizers offered a prominent place to exhibitors of new products and services for screenprinting and digital sublimation, especially those that promote competitiveness by improving profitability and process efficiency.

The new technologies for screenprinting and digital sublimation are bringing structural changes by facilitating market entry to young entrepreneurs and small firms, creating jobs and new business opportunities. In Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, leading international brands such as Epson, Mutoh, Brother, Mimaki and Roland, among others, offered their most recent developments either directly or through their local representatives.

A program full of activities
During three days there were several opportunities for training and professional development. Representatives of major exhibitors offered lectures and workshops for trade visitors, especially for those looking to start or improve their businesses.

Spaces for innovation and creativity
Another strong suit of the exhibition was the promotion and development of new talent. Five emerging local designers were presented in Textile Point and showed their creations, previously curated by the Metropolitan Design Center (CMD).

Meanwhile, Design the Future was the venue for students of Apparel Design from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The students participated with their samples, selected by their professors. The proposal highlighted the importance of generating a national identity from fabrics and garments, showcasing the potential of a whole new generation of designers.

Social responsibility and public-private synergies
Sustainable development is achieved when the public and private sectors cooperate and jointly design short, medium and long term strategies. With this aim the organizers of Emitex, Simatex & Confemaq promoted a space for generating knowledge and information essential to the industry.

The National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI), under the National Ministry of Production, and the Argentine Apparel Industrial Chamber (CIAI) were present at the exhibition and invited visitors to participate in the First Anthropometric Study carried out in the country. The research aims to determine the Argentine average body and to develop a consistent, inclusive and diverse size system. A 3D body scanner took virtual images of more than 1500 visitors. This information will be beneficial not just for the textile industry but also for various disciplines such as footwear, medicine, vehicles, furniture and ergonomics, among others.

Results and protagonists' experiences
The exhibitors, the real protagonists of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, assessed their participation in the fair. Here are some of their testimonials:

Carlos Di Forti – Head of Company
“We usually participate every year because it's extremely positive to meet with clients, some of whom we don't see often or are estranged, and by coming here they can see the new products we are offering. […] We are extremely pleased with the results. It is very hard sometimes to go customer by customer to show them what we are doing, while in here they find everything. It's useful for customers and it's useful for us”.

Valeria Ruere – Head of Company
“As representatives of Singer in Argentina this is the first time we are present at this fair. The truth is that it has far exceeded our expectations. We've noticed a very good reception from visitors, eager to join and participate. I would 100% recommend taking part in the exhibit because you have the chance to see what's new, check all the products in the market and test them to remove any doubts you may have. The balance is very positive so we'll surely be here in the next edition”.

Pablo Del Carreto – Head of Marketing
“We've been participating in Emitex since its inception and every time we come here we have very good results. [...] People we meet here later come to our shop to close a deal. We receive a lot of visitors. [...] It is important to participate as an exhibitor to show what's new in the industry”.

Diego Ferradas – Director and Vice President
“It's a pleasure for us to be in Simatex. It is a unique opportunity we have every two years to meet with clients, with friends, and also to generate future businesses; people can get to know our products and we can show them the quality and technology we offer. We are very pleased with all the customers who have visited us these days; [all] is very well organized”.

Diego Chapur – Head of Company
“From the beginnings of this exhibition we've been present with machinery, spare parts, and supporting the industry. We've met people from Paraguay and Chile that we did not expect to find here, [...] in addition to long-time customers and new clients starting now with their small firms. I always recommend [this exhibition], it is the only technical textile fair in Argentina”.

Micaela Celestino - Marketing Assistant  
“Emitex is one of the leading textile expos and for EPSON it's essential to participate and showcase our sublimation product line. We are very pleased to have been present this year, [the fair] is very well organized and there was quite a bit of public. We are sincerely satisfied with the expo and hope to participate next year”.

The next edition of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq
, Fashion + Technology from yarn to apparel will be held in April 2018 in the Costa Salguero Center, Buenos Aires, with all the expectations of improving and exceeding this year's results.

Further information on the exhibition can be found at:

Event exclusively planned for businessman and professionals of the sector.
People under 16 years even attending with an adult or carrying baby stroller will not be admitted.

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