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Conversations about Economy, Business and Trends.

#MesseFrankfurtConecta is an initiative that offers a real meeting and support space between the communities formed over the years around our events.

Through a series of virtual meetings, the aim is to promote contact between companies, professionals and associations; promote analysis and disseminate news around the different industries. Because we are convinced that dialogue is the best engine to drive the industry.

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Argentina after Coronavirus

#IntersecBA Conecta - Panorama

Economic analyst and journalist Guillermo "Willy" Kohan will talk about the economy and business in the country, both now and in the future.  

What is the economic projection for Argentina and for the sector?
What new needs and opportunities arose or will arise from the pandemic?
What will be the role of the food technology industry within the economic recovery model?

Willy Kohan

Willy Kohan

Willy Kohan is an economic analyst on Radio Mitre's program: Every Morning , hosted by Marcelo Longobardi. He is also the creator and host of Somos Nosotros, on FM Milenium, and La Nación Más, the channel of La Nación newspaper. He was Journalistic Director of the newspaper El Cronista Comercial and Editorial Director of Radio El Mundo. He was also Editorial Secretary of Economy and Finance in Ámbito Financiero.

The activity is free, with limited quotas.


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