Privacy Policies of Media Package Manager

General Privacy Statement Pursuant to Argentina General Data Protection Regulation

The text below provides an overview of our collection and processing of your personal data, as well as your rights under the privacy law.  

Name and contact information

The responsible party is:

Indexport Messe Frankfurt Argentina SA

Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 1530 Piso 7 – C1428DUT – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Messe Frankfurt Argentina

1. Purposes of processing the data and its legal basis

The  Media Package Manager, hereinafter MPM, is operated by Messe Frankfurt Argentina.

The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of the users (the "Users") of the MPM. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform Users how we will use the personal data they provide to us through this platform, without it being applicable to information we obtain in any other way. This Privacy Policy is addressed to all Users of the MPM.

The terms "You" and "User" are used here to refer to all natural and/or legal persons who, for any reason, access the MPM.

Messe Frankfurt Argentina has adopted the legally required levels of security for the protection of Personal Data, and has installed all the technical means and measures within its reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the Personal Data provided by the User in the MPM. However, the User must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not infallible.

This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the personal data provided by the Users through this platform, without being applicable to information that Messe Frankfurt Argentina obtains in any other way.

Personal Data Protection:

"The holder of the personal data has the right to access them free of charge in intervals not lower than six months, except that there is a legitimate interest to do it according to what is set in article 14, paragraph 3, Act Nbr. 25,326."

"The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION, a Control Body of Act Nbr. 25,326 has the power of dealing with reports and complaints submitted in relation to the breach of personal data protection standards."

2. Obtaining and witholding information

In some areas of the MFA website, it requires or may require that You provide personal data, including your name and last name, email address, telephone number, nationality, province, from which your identity could be deduced.

Besides, Messe Frankfurt Argentina obtains or may obtain certain personal information on your use of the MFA website, such as to which pages you access or which services you use. Besides, there is information on your computer hardware and software which is or may be collected by Messe Frankfurt Argentina. This information may include your IP address, browser type, domain names, access hours and references to web sites addresses, though this information is not linked to your personal data.Obtención y Retención de información


Messe Frankfurt GmbH uses the services of the company Webtrekk GmbH. Webtrekk GmbH collects, stores and analyses data from its headquarters at Robert-Koch-Platz 4, 10115 Berlin, Germany. The company has been certified for data protection in the area of web controlling in Germany based on inspection of their data processing with regard to data protection compliance and data security.

When you use Messe Frankfurt GmbH's online offering, the Webtrekk GmbH places a cookie on your device. This cookie allows Webtrekk GmbH to collect, store and analyse usage data. The collected usage data is made anonymous by truncating the IP address. It is therefore not possible for Webtrekk to identify you personally as a visitor of the Messe Frankfurt service. The truncated IP address is used solely for the session ID and geolocation (down to city level). For more information about Webtrekk's privacy policy, visit A cookie called "webTrekkOptOut" has to be placed on your device to prevent Webtrekk from collecting usage data. The Cookie is available here. Once the cookie has been stored on your device, no usage data will be collected.

3. Use of your personal data

Messe Frankfurt Argentina will automatically deal with the Personal Information for the purposes and under the conditions set up in this Privacy Policy.

Messe Frankfurt Argentina has no access, and will not try to have it, to Users' Personal Data, except for that data that the User provides by his/her own free will. The User guarantees that the Personal Data provided to Messe Frankfurt Argentina are true, current, and accurate, and he/she is responsible to inform the company any change thereof.

Your personal data are required for you to be informed on any of the organizer's events and for registration to exhibitions and/or congresses.

Furthermore, Messe Frankfurt Argentina uses the data obtained in the MPM website, whether personal, demographic, collective or technical, to administrate and manage your registration, reply to any query you may pose, operate and improve the MPM website and contact the User offering the service issued in the MPM website.

If you has accepted when register in the MPM website or later, or if it is allowed by the applicable laws, Messe Frankfurt Argentina may use your contact information to send you an email or other communications related to the MPM website updates.

In the MPM website there is an area in which You can contact Messe Frankfurt Argentina and send your comments. Messe Frankfurt Argentina may use these comments (such as a successful experience) for promotion purposes or to contact You with the aim of getting additional information.

4. Disclosing information to third parties

Messe Frankfurt Argentina does not disclose to third parties your personal data, personal and demographic information, combined or information on your use of the MPM website (such as the areas you visit or the services to which you access), except in the following cases:

Messe Frankfurt Argentina may disclose Users' personal data to third parties if the holder of said data gives his/her consent.

Messe Frankfurt Argentina may disclose Users' personal data to companies and individuals which we use to perform functions on behalf of us. The functions performed on behalf of us include hosting in our network servers, data analysis, marketing assistance service and customer services. The companies and individuals will have access to your personal data to the extent that is necessary to perform their functions, but they may not share said information with any third party or use said data for any other purpose. Messe Frankfurt Argentina will retain the control of any information shared this way and will be responsible for said information.

Messe Frankfurt Argentina may disclose Users' personal data if it were legally required to do it, if it were requested by an official or legal entity or by a regulatory authority or if we deem in good faith that this action is necessary for: (a) following legal requirements or fulfilling a legal process; (b) protecting the rights or assets of Messe Frankfurt Argentina (c) avoiding a crime or protecting the national security, or (d) protecting the personal security of Users or the audience.

Furthermore, when providing your personal data to Messe Frankfurt Argentina, you are authorizing it to communicate your personal information to other users, entities or third parties when there are enough reasons to consider that a User's activity may be suspected of trying to commit or actually committing an offense or trying to harm other people.

Transmission to a third country

With your consent or to satisfy contractual or legal obligations, we transmit data to our group companies and sales partners in third countries. You can get an overview of all of the group companies and sales partners on our homepage

5.  Duration of storage

Your data will be stored until our contractual obligations have been met. In order for us to provide you with offers concerning our events and services, data concerning this shall be stored for 8 years at most. The data will be deleted earlier if your knowledge is no longer necessary or if the purpose ceases to exist. 

6. Access, update, rectification or deletion of your data

You can review, correct, update, change or delete your personal data by simply sending an email to or calling at +54 11 7078 4800.

If you wish to revoke your consent to our Privacy Policy, please contact through the same way mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, please have in mind that if you revoke your consent, you won’t be able to use the corresponding services and your personal data will be deleted from the MPM website registration account.

7. Security

Messe Frankfurt Argentina has implemented proper technical and organizing measures which are designed to guarantee the security of your personal information against accidental losses and non-authorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. In particular, all the data are encrypted (i.e., are codified between your computer and Messe Frankfurt Argentina servers). In spite of these measures, Internet is an open system and we can't guarantee that non-authorized third parties may never breach said measures or use your personal information for improper purposes.

8. Changes in the Privacy Policies

Messe Frankfurt Argentina reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy, at any time and the number of times it deems convenient, without previous notice to Users. The User has the obligation to enter periodically to the Privacy Policy with the aim of knowing the changes and/or additions made by Messe Frankfurt Argentina; the mere use of the MFA website will imply the acceptance of the current Privacy Policy by the User.

If you have any query or doubt regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact via email to or call at +54 11 7078 4800.

9. Personal Database

The Responsible and Holder of the User Personal Data Base which are registered in the MFA website is: Indexport Messe Frankfurt S.A., CUIT Nº 30 63888317 8, domiciled at: Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 1530 Piso 7, C1428DUT – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina; phone number: +54 11 7078 4800; email: