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A new edition of Emitex came successfully

16 Apr 2019

The International Trade Fair of Suppliers for the Garment Industry gathered 81 national and international exhibitors and 7,572 visitors which showed their strong trust in the sector. Trends, design and technology were the main axes.

Textile companies coming from Argentina, Brazil, China and Pakistan were present on April 9, 10 and 11 in Costa Salguero Center of Buenos Aires and exhibited their products and services to 7,572 professional visitors from several countries of the region.

The 5,600 sqm devoted to trends and innovations of the whole production chain positioned Emitex, once again, as the annual referent of the Argentine garment industry suppliers.

"During the exhibition, there was a good business climate. In this difficult economic context, Emitex could offer the sector an effective business platform and the boost it deserved", said Emitex’s Project Manager, Bach. Andrea Lippi.

"We redoubled our efforts and trusted in this industry that employs thousands of Argentine people and that is a symbol of growth and innovation. Giving up would have been the easiest way out. However, we didn't think about this possibility. We decided to set out in this challenge because we know that each Emitex opens new roads", stated the President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina, Mr. Fernando Gorbarán, when opening the exhibition.

On his part, the President of the Federation of Argentine Textile Industries, Mr. Luis Tendlarz, said that "in times in which the local market is not demanding much, export should be fostered and not punished with withholdings. I urge authorities to review this policy that discourages the export of textile products."

The academic proposal

The 35 edition of Circuito de Tendencias had a great summoning. The updating conference in fashion industry trends, organized by the Observatorio de Tendencias de INTI Textiles (OdT), provided key information on macro and micro trends for 2020 winter season, thus allowing textile business professionals to set out new strategies for their new collections.

On their part, several specialists and exhibiting companies offered conferences on integral quality in the garment industry and technological innovations. Trends on 2020 winter trims, sublimation, camel and caprine fiber productions, were some of the subjects covered.

Special guests 

The spaces devoted to entities that foster projects with social impact and that contribute to the positive development of different sectors in society were received with great resonance: Proyecto Seda, that seeks to reduce poverty through the development of sustainable sericulture and Cosiendo Redes, the NGO that promotes the free education in trades related to textile industry and that gives workshops of labor insertion.

Another of the guests in this edition was Espacio MICRA of INTI, which has as aim to help production enterprises and drive new developments with Argentine natural fibers.

Besides, Emitex gave opportunities to textile designers in Design Point, where they show the creations of five studies, which design original stampings: Bárbara Perelman, Estudio Khroma, Lu Bianchi Prints, Tres Tintas and Zylda Diseño Textil.

The next edition of Emitex will be carried out in April 2020 in Costa Salguero Center of Buenos Aires together with Simatex -the International Trade Fair of Textile Machinery- and Confemaq -the International Trade Fair of Garment Machinery-.

The main players’ word 

The participating companies described their own experience in the fair:

“We have taken part of it for more than twenty years, we participate because is a good place to present new developments and show that we go on advancing. Though the situation is not currently the best, we still trust in our country and in our beloved textile industry.”

“Emitex is the textile shop window, year after year (...). We take part in all the editions (...), it is an important shop window for us, an exhibition that gathers a great part of the sector and which is always visited by customers, regardless of his/her business situation.”

“It is the fourth time that we take part in Emitex, because we deem it is a meeting place for the industry and, being part of it, it is a good time to show our products and also to see customers with whom we do not have an everyday contact (...) We will surely take part of a new edition."

“We take part in almost all editions of Emitex, because it is a very important annual textile gathering in which we can meet our customers, share a good time, show our products (...), it is an opportunity to for the Garment Industry generate new business and sales. We participate every year; it is very important to be present.”

“Emitex is the most important exhibition of the sector and it gives us the chance of presenting our innovations, connecting with the local market, with new and existing customers, and, besides, it allows us to see where the industry is headed for."

“I have come to Emitex for many years. It is an important exhibition in our country because it is the only one in the textile sector. Taking part of it means creating a contact network and being present in the sector, thus achieving identification. We are with Proyecto Seda, and this is an excellent way of spreading it and our idea is to take part in all its editions. Our presence here has been very successful.”

“It is a very important shop window because it allows us to approach final users, show the virtues of our products, mainly when we launch products, that we can show in this event (...) We are convinced of the importance of taking part in Emitex, thus next year we will be present again."

Event only for professionals and businessmen of the sector. With invitation: free of charge

To register you should submit your ID. Children under 16 years old will not be admitted, even if they are accompanied by an adult. 

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